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GoPed ESR750ex

New Improvements for 2008!

After several years of very successful service the "Electric Speed Racer" ESR 750 Go-Ped product line has been greatly improved for 2008.

Along with an innovative new self adjusting chain tensioner, the heart of the 2008 improvements are from a new, and much more efficient motor.

The new ESR motor has the following enhancements;

* Significantly thicker and much more powerful Rare Earth magnets.
* Brushes and heat producing components are now better located within the new and better heat transferring aluminum "E Head".
* All precision sealed ball bearings at each end of the motor shaft replacing previous brass bushings.
* Commutator/brush drag cut in half.
* Larger armature copper wire diameter for reduced resistance and unwanted heat.
* Higher motor RPM operation to improve efficiency.

The result is a significantly lower operating temperature resulting in significant ESR range and reliability and brush life increases.

The new ESR 750 and ESR750EX come now equipped with a new 13/75 sprocket ratio and 110 chain length to take optimum advantage of the new motor for the world's best speed, range and hill climbing ability versus electric vehicle weight.

If you are looking for a longer range, reliable, powerful and compact energy efficient means of transportation, the ESR750Ex is the New Machine to keep you going.

ESR750Ex - the most compact and powerful electric scooter in the world, now with greater range . The ESR750Ex is the New 2005 Longer Range version of the 2004 Electric Scooter of the Year Award Winner, ESR750. The ESR750Ex is equipped with larger sealed lead acid batteries, which deliver a range increase of more than 50% over the standard ESR750 stock range and duration. The ESR750Ex will provide users with an impressive 12+ mile range in Economy mode - a top speed of 12 mph - and up to an 8 mile range in Turbo Mode, which allows users to reach a top speed of 20mph*. At only 59.5 pounds, the new ESR750Ex still has the best range to weight ratio of any electric scooter in the World. It is ideal for Electric enthusiasts and commuters looking for an economical excellent range electric scooter which boasts unmatched power, reliability, performance, and has all the compact and carrying ability commuters are looking for in alternative transportation. All high quality and performance oriented features of the ESR750 remain standard on the new ESR750Ex.

Current ESR750 owners can also upgrade the range and duration of their ESR750 to that of the ESR750Ex by purchasing the ESR750 Range extending Kit.

* Speed and range claims are made with the following assumptions: 160 lb rider, smooth riding surface, flat ground, no wind, proper tire inflation and chain adjustment .

Available Colours: candy apple red or gloss black

Product Manual: Click here


Motor 24v Brush DC with Aluminium heat sink
Maximum Speed 35 kph
Dual Performance Turbo and Economy Modes
Batteries (4) 12v SLA (sealed lead acid)
Power Controller Advaced Computerized and programmable Variable Speed Controller
Charger On board smart charger 110v-240v capability
Range Econo Mode: 15 Kilometres
Transmission Chain Drive
Dimensions Not Folded: L-48" W-18" H-41" Folded L-48" W-18" H-17"
Weight 59lbs
Max Load 250lbs
Frame Aircraft quality 4130 Chromyl frame
Fork Patented cantilevered aircraft quality 4130 Chromyl fork
Handlebar 6061 - T6 aircraft aluminium
Tires Pneumatic 10" TT
Rims Magnesium Rims
Front Brake Mad Dog Disc Braking System
Rear Brake Optional rear brake kit available
Folding Effortless folding feature for easy storage and carrying
Additional Features

Zero Emission Vehicle
Heavy duty rear axle
Motorcycle (Harley look) injection molded fender
Glides effortlessly with power off
Ultra quiet
Combines the best attributes of a low deck height and excellent ground clearance
Optional detachable seat, luggage rack, carrying bag, and rear brake available
Suggested Usage Touring, commuting and cruising


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